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Working at Titan America

For more than 100 years, Titan has been building the world - literally.  We believe the key to our success is employing innovative individuals diverse in talent, education, experience and thought.  With the right people in place, we expect to continue to be one of the most successful producers of building materials in the world.
But we need smart, motivated and dedicated people to maintain and increase our industry presence. Maybe that’s where you fit in.

What footprint are you making today?  It's time to start thinking harder. Imagine the possibilities if you had the right tools and materials to make a change.

Our Values have led to a 100 plus years of success . We believe in…

PEOPLE.  Enthusiastic innovators with big hearts who give back. 

CHALLENGE.  Meaningful work; something we can all be passionate about. 

CHANGE.  Open minds on how we continuously create and add value to what we do and how we do it. 

SELF-IMPROVEMENT.  Learning something new everyday for the advancement of our skills.

These beliefs, paired with our Values, make Titan a great place to work!