Learning and Development

We are always looking for top talent to help create and grow value to the business and to our customers.  You will be expected to demonstrate leadership and be stretched beyond your limits.
Learning and Development aims to continuously improve performance, productivity and safety, as well as crosstrain to expand skills and knowledge of our employees.
Whether it's through certification programs, continuing education, internal training classes or on-the-job development plans, you have the opportunity to learn and increase your knowledge while working for us.
Know-how and Continuous Improvement are two of Titan's Values, whose primary responsibilities lie with each and every employee.  By continuously improving ourselves and our business, we create greater Value to Customers and can Commit to and Deliver Results at even higher levels.

    "My progression in the Leadership Development Program was a very enriching, on-the-job experience that enhanced what I learned in college.  It trained me to take on the challenges of a Concrete Sales Representative, and provided the development opportunities which prepared me to become a Sales Manager."   Drew Carmichael, Sales Manager